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In less than a month from now, tens of millions of people will begin to reflect: “Did I achieve what I wanted to in 2018?”

Others will prefer to look to the future: How can I resolve to improve myself for 2019?The Cactus Fruit

It's no surprise that this time of year propels a boost in weight-loss related dietary supplement purchases. But that's changing as consumers are beginning to focus on overall health rather than picking a diet to tip the scales in the reverse direction for once. 

Exhibit A: Probiotics. After a groundswell of studies emerged that demonstrated the influence of the digestive system's bacteria ecosystem on so many areas of the human body; nutraceutical formulations targeting this once-overlooked area began to emerge.

There's even evidence to support a bidirectional” communication between the gut and the brain. Sure enough, there are nutraceuticals emerging to target this relationship as well.

So what's the next dietary super-supplement? What nutraceutical will offer multiple health benefits in one dose? The research team here at Vesta Nutra would tell you — maybe even in unison — “Cactus Fruit!”

Rich in antioxidants with vitamin C, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and B vitamins, the cactus fruit benefits immunity, skin, cardiovascular, and metabolic health.

Cactus fruit itself comes in a few different varieties and can be plucked from several different species of cactus plants grown in the Americas and South East Asia. Vesta Nutra developed an all-natural ingredient based on the most potent varieties.

CactOLean WhitepaperWe have developed a clinical whitepaper that provides a deep dive into the benefits of Cactus Fruit and is available for download here

Cactus Fruit Health Benefits
• Causes appetite satiety
• Lipolytic mechanisms
• Supports healthy HDL and LDL cholesterol levels
• Acts as a diuretic for weight loss.
 Superior antioxidant for boosting immunity.

To find out more about the benefits of cactus fruit and the Vesta Nutra ingredient we carry, contact Valerie Saum at 888-55-VESTA (888-558-3782) or valerie@vestanutra.comShe can provide details and insights into this ingredient's exciting potential for inclusion into a single finished product or product line you may be considering. 

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