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Beta-Glucan - Why Purity is Essential to Boosting Your Immune System

By April 21, 2020 nutraceutical, dietary supplement, nutritional supplement

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Beta Glucan is one of the best and worst kept secrets.  It’s very effective in boosting the immunity system yet you don’t see it on every store shelf.

Beta glucan is consumed and digested
to enhance the immune response.

You see, Beta Glucan isn’t a new ingredient, but it wasn’t until several years ago that it was made affordable and more effective thanks to advancements in the extraction process.  Therefore, its exposure is one that is still in its infancy in the health market.

Why is Beta Glucan such a key ingredient for the immune system?  It’s because Beta Glucan is the strongest immunomodulator out there.  When beta glucan is consumed, key immune cells called Neutrophils and Macrophages are activated. What that means is that it expands and intensifies all the functions within the immune system.  Beta Glucan makes the immune system more active and alert which makes it more effective at fighting off bacteria, virus, cancers, parasites, and fungi.

What makes using this ingredient a little tricky is not all Beta Glucans are the same. Purity and potency are key items to focus on when choosing what Beta Glucan to use or take. All Beta Glucan are not made the same. Beta Glucan can differ structurally, and the specific potent and effective form is the linear form, created by a specific link within the molecule called glycosidic bonds at positions 1 and 3 in the molecule. A high purity rating involving the active form 1,3 connection is a major factor in its potency known as Beta Glucan 1,3 D. If the rating is not high, it will not be anywhere near as effective in aiding the immune system.  In this case, a little isn’t enough. One example of an ideal source for Beta Glucan is Vesta’s BetaImmuneshield™.  BetaImmuneShield™ is made up of only of Beta Glucan 1,3 D making it the highest quality available with 100% purity. ImmuneShield_Logo_NEW_webTherefore it is the strongest form of Beta Glucan for immunomodulation to help the body to recognize and eliminate foreign substances. Using an inferior purity source could lead to being 100 times less effective. Those are numbers no one wants to hear let alone gamble their loved one's health on!

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