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Vesta Nutra QuickTour Ep2: Blister Packaging and Boxing [VIDEO]

By November 19, 2018 contract manufacturing, nutraceutical, dietary supplement, bottling, packaging

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Vesta Nutra Blister Packaging and Foiling_FINAL

Today we're sharing the second episode of our "QuickTour" Series that provides a behind-the-scenes peek at different aspects of Vesta Nutra's advanced contract manufacturing operations. 
In today's video, we're introducing you to a quick view of our automated blister packaging and boxing operations.

Our highly-trained employees are there to oversee a process that can quicklyfoiling and accurately package tablets and capsules into aluminum or PVC blister cards. These can be sealed with custom-printed aluminum foil. The finished cards to be neatly packaged into retail containers. This recent investment reduces our customers' lead time and overall costs, allowing their product to be on shelves and priced more competitively than competitors who utilize slower machinery or “by hand” packaging work.

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