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Vesta Nutra Quick Tour Episode 1: Automated Bottling and Packaging Capabilities

By October 17, 2018 contract manufacturing, nutraceutical, bottling, packaging

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Vesta Nutra QuickTour: Bottling and Packaging operations












Today we're sharing the first of our QuickTour Series, one minute video-based tours of Vesta Nutra's advanced contract manufacturing operations. It's our goal to demonstrate what goes on behind the scenes of an FDA-registered, cGMP dietary supplements manufacturer. 

Over time, these QuickTours will introduce you to the real power behind Vesta: the talented people who work here and the processes everyone has contributed to in it's more than 20 years as an American manufacturer.

In today's video, we're introducing you to a quick and definitely-not-dirty-tour of Vesta's Nutra's workspace that is a fully-automated bottling and packaging operation. As you can see, our highly-trained employees are there to oversee a process that can handle 10,000 bottles per 8-hour shift.

Fully-customizable bottle options include interior or exterior safety seals, cotton packing, a full selection of desiccant inserts, custom label application, and more.

This particular contract manufacturing project includes:

  • Sourcing the packaging material from vendors
  • Sourcing the raw material from Vesta Nutra's ingredients division
  • Blending the powder
  • Encapsulating
  • Bottling and Labeling. The bottles will be placed in shipping containers and ultimately delivered to the customer.

Do you a have a complex manufacturing challenge you need help solving? Contact Steve Stout or Michelle Mumbower, Vesta's sales representatives for Contract Manufacturing projects, who can assist you with virtually any aspect of bringing your product to market. 

Dial 888-55-VESTA or via e-mail: or, or 888-55-VESTA.

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