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SupplySide West 'What’s Hot' Digital Issue Q&A: Vesta President Sam Kwon

By November 01, 2018 Insider, contract manufacturing, nutraceutical, dietary supplement, nutritional supplement

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Editor's Note: The following article comes from the official SupplySide West 2018 Preview Magazine published earlier this month. Magazine staff checked in with our President, Sam Kwon, to understand his perspective on trends in the industry and what Vesta Nutra will be focusing on for the show Nov. 6-10.

SupplySide West: What specific trends or new happenings in the marketplace are driving demand for your products or services or the development of new innovations? 

Sam Kwon: Vesta Nutra’s product development team is focused on the burgeoning interest in joint and skin health. We just completed development of a new collagen peptide ingredient that combines collagen types I, II, V and X to support joint health from cartilage-forming chondrocytes to replenishing synovial fluid. This innovation will mean new pathways to finished products for our customers.

For example, the new collagen peptide ingredient would be well suited for the development of “active lifestyle” products such as joint health supplements to ease joint pain and to prevent cartilage damage or another group of consumers who want to maintain vitality and minimize aging. Once we bring this new collagen peptide ingredient to the market, Vesta Nutra will maintain a portfolio of four ingredient products that cover beauty, eye health and joint.

SupplySide West: What new advancements, services or delivery systems has your company offered in the past year, and how does that benefit your customers?

Sam Kwon: An advancement that’s generating a lot of excitement here at Vesta is the supercritical CO2 manufacturing process that is used to develop our Vitamin K2 MK-7 ingredient Natto MK-7. This process uses a high-pressure and low-temperature extraction process to derive a concentrated and pure Vitamin K2 MK-7 that is both very stable and highly bioavailable. 

 Natto MK-7

SupplySide West: So how does the consumer benefit?

Sam Kwon: Beyond the cardiovascular and circulatory health improvements tied to Vitamin K2 MK-7; Natto MK-7 is a completely all-natural and allergen-free ingredient. As I mentioned before, even the manufacturing process of this ingredient is environmentally safe and sustainable.


SupplySide West: How do you define your company’s point of differentiation in the market? Does your company have a values based mission? 

Sam Kwon: There are a lot of companies crowding the Dietary Supplement and Nutraceuticals space, but very few that can take a product from the “idea” phase to the placement of that idea as a finished product on store shelves or global e-commerce sites such as Amazon. With that said, our mission has always been to enhance the quality of life and to contribute to individual wellbeing.

SupplySide West: What can SupplySide West attendees expect to see at your booth this year, and how can this information help their business in the next six months?

Consider this their invitation to visit Vesta at booth 4134! They can inquire about the upcoming collagen peptide ingredient or Natto MK-7. We can illustrate how Vesta’s collagen peptide and Vitamin K2 products will help businesses develop innovative skin care and cardiovascular products as well as other health support supplements.

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