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QuickTour Episode 5: High-Speed Encapsulation Capabilities

By February 12, 2019 contract manufacturing, nutraceutical, encapsulation

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Today we're sharing the fifth of our QuickTour Series, one minute video-based tours of Vesta Nutra's advanced contract manufacturing operations. It's our goal to demonstrate what goes on behind the scenes of an FDA-registered, cGMP dietary supplements manufacturer. 

Our QuickTours will introduce you to the real power behind Vesta: the talented people who work here and the processes they've created to place Vesta as a trusted contract manufacturing partner for global companies large and small.

In today's video, we're introducing you to a quicHSecaps_002k and definitely-not-dirty-tour of one of Vesta's Nutra's two NJP-1200C automatic capsule fillers. As you can see in the video, capsules from the bunker are fed into the orienting device along the vertical guide where they are transferred into special cells on the rotor. Here the capsule is separated, after what the bottom section comes to the filling position.

After filling the bottom section with the compound, the non-separated capsules are rejected, and the filled bottom parts are joined with top parts, counted and taken away into the receiving box.

Vesta Nutra typically runs 448,000 capsules per 8-hour shift one one of these machines. Click here to learn moreThat means our capabilities for both high-speed machines can run 896,000 capsules per day. If you account for our other two encapsulation machines, Vesta Nutra can manufacture 2.9 million capsules per day.

Our tableting capabilities are also robust.

Beyond that, Vesta offers fully-customizable bottle options that include interior or exterior safety seals, cotton packing, a full selection of desiccant inserts, custom label application, and more.

If you have a complex manufacturing challenge, contact Steve Stout or Michelle Mumbower, Vesta's sales representatives for Contract Manufacturing projects, who can assist you with virtually any aspect of bringing your product to market. 

Dial 888-55-VESTA or via e-mail: or

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